Study on Precarious Housing and Daily Wage Migrant Workers

Keynote speaker Indu Prakash Singh, addressing the launch webinar

2020 | Unsafe, unsanitary and insecure housing is a fact of life for a huge number of daily wage and migrant workers in Indian cities. In this study across three States, including a survey of nearly 350 workers, the KISLAY Social Research Collective sought to examine the roots of this situation – and the relationship between it and the continuation of poverty and exploitation. The study, supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, discusses these issues in depth, and provides short, medium and long term recommendations for how the situation can be addressed.

The study was launched today, with a keynote address by Indu Prakash Singh (Citymakers International Mission), veteran housing rights campaigner. You can see a video of the Facebook Live broadcast of the launch here.

You can see the complete study report here: